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    VCA Sweet Alhambra Pendant 18K Rose gold

    Categories:Van Cleef & Arpels, Necklace ,Alhambra collection
    Material:18K Rose Gold,Carnelian
    Chain length :40cm
    Includes: Original  VCA Packaging


    The Sweet Alhambra® jewelry creations by Van Cleef & Arpels have featured delightful lucky motifs in miniature form since 2007. Light and delicate, they are a discreet way of bringing happiness to each passing day.

    Sweet Alhambra pendant, rose gold.


    VCA Stories:

    In 1968, Van Cleef & Arpels creates the first Alhambra® long necklace, combining yellow gold with the delicate lines of the famous motif. More than a jewel, Alhambra becomes the Maison’s emblematic icon of luck, a timeless family that stands out from all the others.

    Reflecting Van Cleef & Arpels’ tradition of excellence, Alhambra is constantly renewed as time goes by, through a wide range of natural materials that are symbols of luck, thus offering an infinite variety of colors.

    The different skills of the lapidaries, jewelers, stone-setters and polishers come together during the successive steps of selection, production and final checking to bring the iconic Alhambra jewels to life.


    Launched in 1968, Van Cleef & Arpels’ iconic motif rapidly becomes an emblem of the Maison. For over four decades, women have loved the enchanting contours of this lucky-charm motif. It is a potent symbol of luck, health, fortune, and love.

    Born as a long, plain yellow gold necklace, the Alhambra® collection has always displayed a timeless elegance. In the years following its launch, the collection was broadened to include a rich variety of models and colored stones. Today, the white mother-of-pearl model remains the Maison’s bestseller.

    Symbol of luck, health, fortune, and love.

    The collection has also been enriched with a series of graceful watches. With their distinctive curves and round bead setting, these stylish timepieces remain true to the spirit of the Alhambra collection.

    Elegant or disarmingly simple, understated or sophisticated, this iconic motif remains unrivalled. Loved by all, there is an Alhambra item to match every day, every mood, and every personality.


    In line with Van Cleef & Arpels’ tradition of excellence, the Alhambra® collection embodies all the expertise of a High Jewelry Maison. The varied skills of lapidaries, jewelers, stone-setters and polishers come together to create each piece.

    On these Vintage Alhambra creations, the guilloché yellow gold motifs are framed by an elegant beaded border. This precious surround is carefully reworked by master jewelers, before the prongs – rounded for added softness – are bent down to hold the motifs in place.

    A final polish brings out all the luminous beauty of the ensemble. In all, no fewer than fifteen successive steps of selection, production and verification are required to create an iconic jewel that will stand the test of time.


    “To be lucky, you must believe in luck,” as Jacques Arpels liked to say, nephew of Estelle Arpels, founder of the Maison with her husband Alfred Van Cleef.

    Van Cleef & Arpels‘ luck is an opportunity, an occasion to be taken, a chance given by the world, by Nature. Stamped with a positive, poetic vision of the world, the Maison’s creations have been paying homage to luck for almost 100 years. Ladybirds, four-leaf clovers, fairies and unicorns inhabit its gentle world, who thus delivers a poetic and harmonious vision of the world.

    Through its journey to the four corners of the world in search of stones and its curiosity about these distant lands, the Maison reinterprets symbols of luck in its creations.

    This luck must be earned, that rare clover comes as a trophy for he or she who pays careful attention to the signs of luck and is able to grasp them. For the Maison, to be lucky is to take action, as for René Char: “Impose your luck, hold tight to your good fortune, and step forward to face your risks. From having watched you, they will get used to it”.




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