The duchess of windsor’s Cartier Panthere Bracelet (Panthere de Cartier Bracelet)

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The duchess of windsor’s Cartier Panthere Bracelet (Panthere de Cartier Bracelet)

March 8, 2018

Edward, Duke of Windsor and almost-King of England, did a really good job of proving that he loved Wallis Simpson. Sure, it was no small thing when he abdicated the throne for her. But what really impresses me is the fact that he bought her some of the most amazing jewelry the world has ever seen, much of it specially commissioned. We are only going to talk about one piece today: her Cartier panther bracelet.

Cartier Panthere braceletCartier created this bracelet in Paris in 1952. The finely-sculpted body is pavé-set with brilliant- and single-cut diamonds and calibré-cut onyx. Each eye is carefully set with a marquise-shaped emerald. It is 195 mm long and wears as if it’s 165 mm long. In American, that means it’s 6.5 inches and would fit me perfectly. Be still my heart.

I usually don’t mention prices, but you should be aware that this baby sold for just over 7 million dollars. I’m pretty sure it’s worth every penny.

The most remarkable feature of this panthere de Cartier bracelet – besides the sensuous lines and emerald eyes of the elegant panther – is the piece’s extensive articulation. The panther is jointed along its entire length to allow the bracelet to drape itself around a lucky wearer’s wrist rather than remaining rigid like a bangle.

Panthere de Cartier braceletHere, the bracelet lounges languidly on a white-gloved hand in front of a Cecil Beaton portrait of Wallis Simpson at Sotheby’s auction rooms in London.

Sotheby’s says the piece is “designed to encircle the wrist and to assume a stalking attitude.” Sounds like an accurate description to me. Just look how perfectly detailed he is; the perk of his ears, the shape of his paws.

the duchess of windsor’s cartier panther bracelet

Here is the fabulous Duchess of Windsor herself, looking happy in her bracelet

A lovely view here of the Cartier Panther bracelet’s fluidity:

Customized Cartier braceletHere the bracelet is stretched out to its full length for the Sotheby’s catalogue. Isn’t it crazy to think of such an iconic piece having something as mundane as a clasp? I would have just expected the panther to come momentarily to life and clasp its own tail in its paw.

custom made cartier panthere bracelet

Panthere de bracelet real gold

A photo of the Panthere de bracelet napping in its Cartier box

I enjoy this panthere de Cartier series of photos because it both illustrates the range of motion of this remarkable bracelet and shows what I would do all day if I ever got my hands on it.

panthere de cartier bracelet

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